Electron - Sistem Teknik Makina

Our products have been manufacturing under the trademark ELECTRON in conformity with the global advanced standards and have been preferred with full confidence both in domestic and worldwide markets.

Our capacity has been growing everyday putting customer satisfaction at first priority together with our common sales and service network.

As a result of our investment to increase our existing capacity and to solidify our place in the sector, we started our production in a new and large factory that was built on a 8500 m2 closed area in Izmir in November 2008. Our factory with our skilled team of 130 empleyees, is equipped with fully advanced machines and systems to provide a precious and an excellent production.

Sistem Teknik A.S. serves his customers with professional dealers not only in Turkey, but also in 35 different countries with full spare parts and aftersale services. Our products have a serious marketshare in the Middle East region, CIS Countries, East Europe, North Africa and the Balkans, and as a result of our quality policy and professional principles it expanded to the West European countries.

It is a sole principle of our company to keep improving itself in conformity with the new technological and commercial conditions that change everyday, together with our regular long term basis work ethics.

Our company is a leading Turkish company specialized in the manufacturing of ¡°Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment and Complete Painting Systems¡± with 20 years of knowledge and practical experience.


Our Vision

Our vision, in a global and shrinking world, is to respond quickly to the growing demand and differing needs, and provide services with reasonable prices.

Our mission is to provide maximum efficiency in our products and services and always support our customers.

Our principles, ELECTRON adopts as a main principle to provide most prompt and effective service to his customers with all employees from the lower levels to upper levels.

In so doing, it gets honesty, ethical behaviour, integrity and transparency as a basic starting point. Our Company strives to improve itself, follow the changes and create changes itself and be a leader Company in the sector within the framework of principles of social responsibilities.

Quality Policy

ELECTRON has a best quality production with wide range of products and flexible production method depending on customer demand, maintains his strong position in this sector.
Our company, whose main principle is customer satisfaction, makes a production in highest standards and sells them in main industrial sectors such as aluminium, steel, lighting, machinery and automotive. 
Our general business principles to serve our customers are following:

  • Try to solve customer requirements in time and in a best way
  • Fully inform customers with our products both with technical documents and training
  • Offer high performing projects in accordance with customer expectations
  • Support design and development activities to meet customer expectations and sectoral leadership
  • Combine flexible production method and R&D efforts to realize mass production in a fast way
  • Good cooperation with our suppliers and satisfy them, and in this way to produce more qualified and well equipped products
  • It is our main business principle to maintain our existing capacity and to solidify it from production to sale
  • Our product range


  • Tunnel Pretreatment
  • Chamber Pretreatment
  • Dip Tank Pretreatment
  • Tunnel & U-Turn Continuous Ovens
  • Box Ovens
  • High Temperature Ovens
  • Cardan Type
  • Power & Free
  • Webb Type
  • Powder Coating
  • Liquid Painting
  • PTFE (Non-Stick)
  • Compact Type Powder Coating Line For Aluminium Profiles
  • Aging Oven For Aluminium Profiles
  • Wood Effect Line For Aluminium Profiles
  • Special Purpose Curing & Drying Ovens